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Veneer Craft has considerable experience in veneering and provides a product for clients with an eye for detail and who appreciate the natural warmth of wood.

We manufacture any design.

Acoustic Ceiling And Wall Panels
Acoustic Ceiling and Wall Panels
Acoustic panels are designed to absorb or diffuse sound waves in a room or space. The purpose of using an acoustic panel is to improve the acoustic quality of the environment by reducing unwanted noise, echoes, and reverberation. Acoustic panels are commonly used in recording studios, concert halls, conference rooms, and other spaces where sound quality is important. They can be manufactured in real wood veneer to match the required decor.
Interior Doors
Interior Doors
Manufactured interior flush panel doors are available in solid core, semi-solid & 1/2 hour fire doors. All door types are veneered over solid wood edges.
Design Cuts - Inlays
Design Cuts – Inlays
Real wood veneer design cuts and inlays are techniques used in woodworking. Design cuts create intricate patterns and designs on furniture and other wooden objects. One of the key advantages of using real wood veneer is the variety of wood species available. This allows for a wide range of design possibilities, from simple geometric patterns to more complex motifs and images.
Flexi Plywood
Flexi Plywood
A flexi plywood sheet is made up of two layers of veneer layons, which are known as plies. They are glued together in a cross-grain fashion to create easy bending without breaking. The flexibility of such a sheet of real wood veneers conforms to curved surfaces. It is ideal for use in furniture, cabinetry, shop fittings and other decorative applications. Flexi plywood can be manufactured in 2 or 3 layers and is available in real wood veneer.
Veneer For Woodworking Industry
Veneer for the Woodworking Industry
We offer over-edge veneering of wooden components as per required specifications, for furniture manufacturers, cabinetmakers, shop fitters and boat builders.
Supplier Of Real Wood Veneer
Supplier of Real Wood Veneer
We offer a wide range of top quality real wood, and recon veneers in bundles and sheets. Layons are manufactured to clients specifications.

Please note that size requirements will be accommodated and executed to the best of our ability, taking into consideration certain constraints.

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